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Ruger Jumps Into Self Defense Ammo Market With Radical Bullet Design

Posted by jhingarat21 on 27th Oct 2015

Sitting at the very top of my “to shoot” box are 250 rounds of an intriguing and radical new self-defense bullet design. The polymer-copper rounds from Polycase are a head turner… and is impressive enough on paper and in ballistics gel that firearms industry giant Ruger is introducing their own line …

Becker: ‘I fully Support Self-Defense’

Posted by jhingarat21 on 23rd Oct 2015

State Representative John BeckerThis is a rebuttal to Vivek Rana-Mitra who attacked me for my support of common sense gun legislation (“Rep. Becker, others responsible for public fear” Oct. 21). The letter writer stated that I am “the face of the movement that has pushed to allow guns in churches an …

3 Proposals to Loosen Gun Carry Laws Advance in Florida Senate

Posted by jhingarat21 on 21st Oct 2015

TALLAHASSEE | People with concealed-weapons licenses would be able to openly display handguns in Florida and would be able to carry firearms on state college and university campuses, under measures approved by separate Senate committees Tuesday.One committee also supported a measure that might make …

Concealed Carrying Properly While Afield in North Carolina

Posted by jhingarat21 on 12th Oct 2015

North Carolina continues to see a climb in the number of concealed carry holders. Hunters and fishermen are among them, but even with a concealed carry class under their belt, they might not know all the rules for carrying a concealed handgun afield.Mike Goodwin of First Strike Defense (336-468-0475 …

Crimson Trace Offers Concealed Carry Checklist

Posted by jhingarat21 on 12th Oct 2015

As more Americans are carrying concealed firearms for self-defense, questions arise on what items—beyond a firearm—should be carried to be better prepared for most situations.Crimson Trace offers this easy-to-follow checklist with guidance points to help aid with preparations.The Crimson Trace Conce …

How We Taught America to Love the Gun

Posted by jhingarat21 on 10th Oct 2015

ARMS: THE CULTURE AND CREDO OF THE GUNA.J. SomersetIn the late 1860s, Americans had a different kind of gun problem: They weren’t very good shots. Their best marksmen routinely lost in shooting competitions to Englishmen, Germans and Canadians. And to Gen. George Wingate and Col. William C. Church, …