Becker: ‘I fully Support Self-Defense’

Posted by jhingarat21 on 23rd Oct 2015

State Representative John Becker

This is a rebuttal to Vivek Rana-Mitra who attacked me for my support of common sense gun legislation (“Rep. Becker, others responsible for public fear” Oct. 21). The letter writer stated that I am “the face of the movement that has pushed to allow guns in churches and bars.” Really? I’ve not authored any legislation to do either. But I support it.

The facts are that bad guys can easily take guns into churches, bars, and anywhere else without metal detectors. Will there be a good guy with a gun to shoot back? Or does the writer prefer innocent people being shot at like fish in a barrel? Nobody has to be a victim. I fully support self-defense.

Citizens with concealed carry permits are trained in gun safety and marksmanship. Cops are not everywhere all the time, but armed citizens can be. They add to public safety and are very rarely involved in any kind of gun accidents.

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