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Leather Holster FAQ

Leather Holsters

  1. I received my holster and it is flat. Is this normal?

    Yes, some of the holsters that we offer start off flat. A quick break-in will open it up.

  2. What size belt will be best for my holster?

    All of our holsters require a standard 1.5" wide belt designed for carry.

  3. What type of leather is used?

    All of our leather products are crafted using only premium, vegetable-tanned Water Buffalo Leather.

  4. The holster I ordered is a different shade than pictured. Is this normal?

    Yes, since leather is a natural material each hide is different, which may cause a variation in color.

  5. For cleaning is there a specific leather conditioner that I should use?

    Yes, for best results we recommend Bick 4