Leather Holster FAQ

  1. I received my holster and it is flat. Is this normal?

    Yes, some of the holsters that we offer start off flat. A quick break-in will open it up.

  2. What size belt will be best for my holster?

    All of our holsters are best suited for a standard 1.5" wide belt designed for carry.

  3. Is the leather imported or domestic?

    All of our leather used is from providers based right here in the USA. 

  4. What type of leather is used?

    All of our leather products are crafted using only Premium Water Buffalo Leather.

  5. The holster I ordered is a different shade than pictured. Is this normal?

    Yes, since leather is a natural material each hide is different, which may cause a variation in color.

  6. For cleaning is there a specific leather conditioner that I should use?

    Yes, for best results we recommend Bick 4

  7. I ordered a size Micro or a Size 1911 and received the other, did I receive the incorrect size?

    No, our Size 1911 and Size Micro are the same size but to avoid confusion on our sizing selection we offer both. If you ordered a Size 1911 and received a Size Micro, or vice versa, you did indeed receive the correct holster. 


How to Break in Your New Holster

1. Ensure your firearm is unloaded and cleared.

2. Place your firearm in to the holster as far as it will go, making sure majority of the trigger guard is in the holster. Holding the grip of the firearm, twist the firearm back and forth in a controlled manner. This will allow more clearance in the holster to seat the firearm.

3. Please keep in mind, the holster will fit tight initially.