Safety Warnings

DO NOT use any Versacarry® product while carrying in a cocked and locked condition. Regardless of experience, carrying in this condition INCREASES THE CHANCE AND MAY RESULT IN AN ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE.

NEVER use Verscarry® products with firearms that have been modified in any way, broken, or are not of original factory specification. Any modification may cause improper fitment and could result in an ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE.

NEVER modify a Versacarry® product in any way. Doing such may result in an ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE.

NEVER attempt to cock a handgun while holstered. Doing so could cause severe damage to either the holster, handgun, or both. It could also result in an ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE.

Handling a firearm can be dangerous without proper training. Before doing so, training should be received from an accredited safety class and instructor. Regular practice using your firearm properly is extremely recommended.

ALWAYS test the fitment of your product prior to use. If there is doubt that you have the correct product or size, please contact Versacarry® support at 979-778-2000, or at If the product has become loose, worn, or defective in any way STOP USE IMMEDIATELY.


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