Forgettable Comfort

“I carry concealed IWB both for work and everyday use. Versacarry IWB Comfort Series is one of the finest holsters I have had in my 50 plus years of IWB carry. This product is outstanding, top quality, perfect for IWB carry. After a long day at work, I literally forget it is on my person. This is a must have holster.” – Steve (Comfort Flex Deluxe)

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Each of our carry bundles have been hand selected and paired together for maximum comfort, functionality, and value. We only select our best-selling holsters, belts, and magazine pouches for each, and we are certain that you will love any that you may decide to purchase.

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Discreet Preparedness

CCW purses can be a great option for women that do not wear belts or find it difficult to conceal using traditional holsters. We have several designs that offer great functionality, while still retaining a stylish design.

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