Woman Pistol-Whipped, Escapes Death When Gun Malfunctions

Posted by jhingarat21 on 7th Sep 2015

Easton Pierson

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio – A woman was pistol-whipped and bloodied outside a bar but escaped with her life because her attacker’s gun malfunctioned, police said.

The woman said she got into an argument with a man outside the Elks night club on Wednesday, according to the police report. She said Easton Pierson, a friend of that man, jumped out from behind the bushes and held a gun to her head.

The woman was with three friends, and one of them said Pierson tried to fire the gun –  she said she heard it click – but it didn’t go off.

After the women ran to their car, Pierson reached through the front passenger window and pistol-whipped the victim in the face, they said. As that happened, the gun misfired and shot a bullet through the windshield.

No one was hit.

Pierson was foaming at the mouth and “looked like the devil,” according to one of the women in the backseat.

The four women drove around the corner and came upon a Middletown police officer patrolling the area. According to the officer’s report, the women’s car pulled up next to his and the driver “began screaming that someone in the vehicle had been shot.”  Meanwhile, the battered woman ran to the cruiser and opened the passenger door. The officer said she was bleeding from the face. She said several times that she thought she was going to be killed.

Police searched for Pierson but did not find him, the report said.

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