19th Oct 2021, By John Russo

Versacarry holsters have sure come a long way. I first wrote about them about ten years ago when I met the owner, Justin Sitz, and he showed me his totally new take on an inside the waistband (IWB) holster. Justin had recently been the victim of a house fire and had lost all of his possessions. Out of this loss was born his idea (Check out the About Us section of the Versacarry website to read the full story). This amazing new design is known as the Zerobulk (IWB) Holster. The Zerobulk is just that, not bulky, completely minimal, yet everything you need to safely carry a gun inside the waistband. They have sold tons of them but they weren’t happy to rest on their laurels. They continue to come out with new and unique holster ideas made with premium water buffalo leather. Here are a few of their new offerings.

Ranger (IWB) Holster

The Ranger IWB holster is a very minimalistic design featuring an easy on/off clip. The soft interior protects the gun while the padded back keeps it comfortable against the body. The low profile front makes it optics compatible, too!

Guardian (OWB) Holster – Black Vault Edition

The Guardian OWB is a very comfortable forward cant holster. The protective backing shields the body from the gun and the two tone leather gives it a great look. This holster needs very little break in time.

Multi-Tool (OWB) Holster

Sometimes you want to carry other stuff besides guns. The Multitool OWB allows you to have your favorite tools handy anytime you need them. The multitool pouch has a snap closure and push up slot, keeping it protected while making it easy to access. The flashlight and pen pouches are designed to hold their items by their clips. Don’t have a flashlight or pen for it? No worries, Versacarry offers them as an add on for only $10 more.

Delta Carry (IWB) Holster

The Delta Carry IWB is very similar to the Range with the addition of the raised sweat guard/back panel. This is one of my favorites. I like a sweat guard on my IWB holsters but I also like the single clip design for easy on/off.

Double Ply Leather Belt – Underground Edition

If you carry a gun on your waist, you need a good belt. You can’t go wrong with any of Versacarry’s belts, but I love the Underground Edition. The two tone leather looks great and for those fashion conscious, it goes with your black or brown boots! This baby is triple ply so you never have to worry about your holster sagging or causing your belt to fold like a taco!

Comfort Flex Deluxe

The Comfort Flex Deluxe IWB is an excellent holster loaded with features. It has polymer embedded in the leather which keeps the holster’s shape so you can re-holster easily and safely. The raises backing and padded back keeps it comfortable and it has Versacarry’s easy on/off clip. There is also a tension screw allowing you to adjust how tight you want the holster to hold your gun. It is also optics compatible!

Conceal Carry Purse

One thing I’ve learned over the years, is that women can be very particular when it comes to their purses. But if you are looking for a purse designed for a pistol, the Conceal Carry Purse has some great features. Available in camo or olive green, it features a center handgun pocket that can be accessed from the top or either end. It includes a Velcro holster so your gun stays put no matter how much the purse gets tossed around. It also has a nice outer pocket for quick access to your phone or anything else you use regularly.

Rebel IWB Holster

The Rebel IWB is a hybrid leather/polymer design. It gives you the comfort and flexibility of leather with the retention and re-holstering ability of polymer. The dual tuckable belt clips give the holster great stability while still allowing it to flex and move with you. The raised closed cell foam padded backing ensures it is comfortable for all day carry. Plus, it is optics compatible and just plain looks cool!

Rebel OWB Holster

Like its IWB brother, the Rebel OWB has many of the same great attributes but rides on the belt outside the pants via two leather belt loops. It also does not have the foam backing but rather a raised leather panel which more than protects the gun and body from each other. This a great belt holster that makes drawing and re-holstering a breeze.

Whichever Versacarry holster you choose, you won’t be disappointed. The problem is choosing just one. So I recommend you don’t! Pick a couple of them, you’ll be glad you did!