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"Tough Guys"

16th Oct 2015

Episode Transcript

I've heard many people talk about gun owners as "tough guys" with a macho ego using gun ownership as an extension of their puffed-up image. Even my own grandmother told me that guys just want guns because it makes them feel tougher.

This is a completely inaccurate stereotype that needs to be dispelled. Yes, I am sure that some misguided people do own guns in order to cover up their own insecurities. Not only are they the extreme minority, this attitude is shameful in the responsible gun-owning community.

As a group, gun owners are some of the most humble and responsible people that our society has to offer. For most of us, choosing to own and train with firearms is an admission that we're not invincible. We have vulnerabilities. And it is because we understand that—because we've taken the time to think about uncomfortable things like our own mortality—because we understand how quickly life can be lost, that we cherish our right to defend ourselves and our families with firearms.

"Don't be confused by what you see in the movies. The gun doesn't make the man. It’s the other way around."
Dom Raso

This may not be the image that has been portrayed through the media … and people like that don't make good Hollywood heroes … but they are the backbone of this country. People who never look to create trouble, but stand quiet and ready … who train for the moment they all hope will never come … but will not hesitate to stare down evil should the need arise.

Don't be confused by what you see in the movies. The gun doesn't make the man. It's the other way around.

The responsible American gun owners … the stay-at-home moms, the middle school teachers, the business owners, humble people of all shapes and sizes … these are the silent warriors who keep all of us free.