Texas Phone App Shows ‘Second Amendment Unfriendly’ Businesses Near You

11th Oct 2016

Texas has a “30.06 and 30.07 Information Resource” which lists “Second-Amendment unfriendly” businesses.

Gun advocates and licensed to carry holders can search for and add businesses to the interactive website or use the iPhone and Android apps for free.

The founder of the website, Russell Jones told Breitbart Texas, “This is not a for-profit venture. We are in it to help the community because it’s important to know both who supports the Second Amendment and who allows us to protect ourselves and our families.”

The website has almost 11,000 registered users and 9,200 updated entries.

Jones created the website after he noticed that Texas concealed handgun license (CHL) holders “lacked a centralized location for reporting and retrieving businesses and other facilities that deny our right to defend both ourselves and our families from criminals; the same criminals that by definition don’t care what the laws say.” Jones said he started working on the site in 2007 as a hobby in his free time between work and college. Jones is responsible for web and mobile API development.

There are a number of venue and business categories–restaurants, entertainment, gas stations, government and military, grocery stores, gyms, housing, medical facilities, parks, religious venues, retail, services, and travel industries (among others). The categories can be searched by placing the: Business Name; Category; Street Address; City; or Restriction Type, in the search bar on the website. A map is included for each entry and provides an easy reference for users.

Jones said they include military and government buildings on the site “So LTC holders know if they will have trouble with a place.” As reported by Breitbart Texas in August 2016, Second Amendment advocates descended on Waller County to support a fellow Texan who was sued by the County after he served notice on them alleging a violation of Texas’ gun laws. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has now sued Waller County over the right to bear arms in the Waller County Courthouse complex. also includes a “Wall of Shame.” It currently lists 55 entries for Chevron service stations and 50 entries for Shell locations. Sprouts Farmers Market has 37 reports on its stores.

Breitbart Texas was notified of the website when it wrote about a pizza restaurant owner in Houston who was taking heat for telling gun owners and CHL holders to f**k off. Pi Pizza owner Lee Ellis recently opened and did not back down after he received bad reviews online. Ellis had a 30.06 and a 30.07 sign near the front door of his restaurant prohibiting folks from having open carry or weapons with a concealed handgun license. A potential pizza consumer asked the pizzeria on social media why they did not allow CHL holders to eat in their restaurant. The social media director for the pizzeria responded by telling the person to “F.O” (acronym for “f**k off”). “I don’t care that they want to be able to carry their gun, I don’t want to be around them,” said Ellis reported KHOU11.

Jones says that the response from the CHL community to has been wonderful. He said Second Amendment observers have made “it what it is today by submitting thousands of entries and comments about businesses restricting our right to self defense all across Texas.”

The website includes the notice, “Signs that are not 30.06, 30.07, or 51% such as “Gunbuster” or “No Guns Allowed” signs, should NOT be submitted!” It also adds that “Newsletters, verbal notification, or other types of notices should NOT be submitted! If they don’t have a sign, don’t submit!” The legal distinction of these signs are explained under a sub-link titled “Signs.” Entries are updated if a business or venue takes a sign down, or changes a sign. The website includes a link to report changes at the reported venue.

“Texas 30.06 is the go-to reference point for gun owners in Texas. As a user-generated site, it is continuously updated,” said C.J. Grisham, president of Open Carry Texas. Grisham continued, “If a business wants to succeed and make money, it should endeavor never to find itself listed. Open Carry Texas encourages its members to use this valuable tool when making purchasing decisions.”

Terry Holcomb, Sr., founder of Texas Carry told Breitbart Texas, “Texas Carry is proud to work with They inform our members of anti-self protection businesses so that we can spend our money elsewhere. Any business that discriminates does not deserve our dollars.” The gun rights activist and pastor added, “ lists these places and makes it easy for us to avoid those places.”

The website includes a link to to which is available to users for “Texas firearms information and discussions.”

The website also has an iPhone and Android developer, Arthur Garza and Ruben Macias respectively. Users can download an iPhone or Android App and will be alerted when they are in proximity of a listed business.

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