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Malachi Heisler, 18, shot a masked intruder who held a gun to his mother’s head. The teen’s quick thinking most likely saved his mother’s life. The intruder, who was fatally shot, turned out to be Heisler’s estranged father.

Heisler shot 46-year-old John Heisler on Tuesday. The teen says that he woke up to his mother crying for help. He grabbed his rifle and stepped out of his room to see a masked intruder wearing all-black tactical gear with a gun to his mother’s head, reports the Daily Mail.

“I had about five to six seconds to make a decision,’ he said.

Within a few seconds of coming into the room, Heisler says that the intruder pointed the gun away from 37-year-old Jolene Andrews and pointed the gun at him. Heisler then shot, hitting his father in the head.

“By the time I did recognize him, the decision was made,” Heisler said.

Heisler says that he recognized his estranged father by his tattoo and physical characteristics.

The incident began when Andrews and her new boyfriend, 47-year-old Alton Pyles, heard a loud crashing sound and went outside to investigate. Once outside they were confronted by Jon Heisler, who pointed a gun at them. The couple ran back inside, but John Heisler forced his way into the home.

Authorities say that John Heisler grabbed Andrews by her upper body and attempted to force her to the ground. The cries woke Malachi Heisler, who quickly came out of his bedroom carrying his rifle, reports the Boston News-Times.

“In fear for his life, Malachi Heisler fired his weapon striking (John) Heisler in the upper body,” a news release states.

Heisler was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities state that he had brought two BB guns into the home.

Authorities state that no one else was injured in the incident. Andrews’ 13-year-old daughter, Magenta, was also in the home at the time of the incident.

“When you open the door and you see somebody dressed in all black, in fatigues, with a ski mask on and a gun in your mother’s face. He did the right thing,” Pinellas County sheriff Bob Gualtieri explained.

John Heisler has a long history of both alcohol and drug abuse. It is believed that he was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Jolene Andrews had a restraining order against Heisler that was good until March 2016.

Officials state that no charges will be filed against the teen.

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