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Concealed Carry Saves Lives

Posted by jhingarat21 on 15th Oct 2015

It’s no cause for celebration when a lawful citizen with a permit has no other choice than to draw during a criminal confrontation. It’s a life-changing event, but in these cases from October, the “victims” made it home safely and their stories serve to reminder us all to carry early, carry often.It …

Never-Ending Debate: Do Concealed Guns Make Us Safer?

Posted by jhingarat21 on 12th Aug 2015

Phill Groff shows some of the popular concealed carry weapons at Trop gun shop. (Richard Hertzler/Staff)Between 2005 and 2014, more than 123,000 handguns were purchased in Lancaster County. In the same period, nearly 60,000 concealed-carry permits were issued. Both figures mirror national trends.So …