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When Form Serves FunctionBy Mark Kakkuri // 02/23/2018I’m not too big on form or style, especially when it comes to concealed carry gun holsters and belts. After all, they’re supposed to be concealed. Granted, I do my share of showing off my carry rig every now and again, but it’s for informational or educational purposes in a highly controlled setting. How good it looks is mostly irrelevant. Except now the proliferation of gear and accessories i… Read more

Posted by Andrea Fisher on 23rd Feb 2018

With the change in season and our deep freezers stocked full of all of our hunting gains, many of us are looking to take our evening beer or wine grill side. Hunter, gather, and author, Hank Shaw's book BUCK, BUCK, MOOSE, gives us all the opportunity to "ooh and aah" friends and family with some delicious well put together meals.This is not your father's venison cookbook. Buck, Buck, Moose is the first comprehensive, lushly photographed, ful… Read more