Suspect in Gun Bust Hid Tiny Weapon in His Briefs: Cops

Posted by jhingarat21 on 4th Sep 2015

A Bronx man stopped for drinking alcohol in public had a dirty little secret — he was carrying a very small gun.

Cops were on patrol near basketball courts at the Monroe Houses in Throggs Neck on Aug. 20 at about 2:40 p.m. when they saw a group imbibing in public.

One of the men, Jamar Woodward, 29, “got really nervous,” a police source said.

Woodward immediately told the officers he was armed — but when cops patted him down, they initially couldn’t find the tiny weapon.

A police source explained the man was wearing a pair of tight briefs, and the weapon — an antique Colt .22 Derringer — was concealed in his underwear.

Woodward, who has eight prior arrests, was hit with a charge of criminal possession of a weapon.

He told cops he needed the gun because he had previously been shot and stabbed.

Precinct bigs tweeted about the bust, including a photo of the formerly concealed weapon.

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