Rifle Scare on Surrey Streets

Posted by jhingarat21 on 16th Aug 2015

Airsoft rifle similar to that man was carrying.

Surrey RCMP scrambled Saturday morning when they received a call about a man dressed in full camouflage gear walking on the street with what looked like an automatic weapon.

Watch Commander M.A. Hedderson said about 10 a.m., police were advised of a man in full camo, carrying a camouflage backpack and a black, long-barrel firearm, walking on 150th Street, near 101A Avenue.

Multiple officers swooped down on the area and located the male, walking northbound. They approached with guns drawn as he reached 104th Avenue.

The 21-year-old man was taken into custody. He was carrying a realistic looking Airsoft rifle that looked almost identical to the Colt Carbine rifles RCMP tactical units use.

The Airsoft rifle had no markings on it that would indicate it was not a real firearm.

The man told police he was headed to an Airsoft competition nearby.

Hedderson said he obeyed police directions and it wasn’t until he was handcuffed and the Airsoft rifle could be inspected that was it determined it was not a real firearm.

“If the male had not have been compliant, the situation could have had very serious consequences,” Hedderson said.


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