Report: Witness Takes Down Man with Gun Near Court Avenue

Posted by jhingarat21 on 14th Sep 2015

Jeffrey Cason

DES MOINES, Iowa —A man was arrested and charged after he reportedly pointed a gun at a group of people in an alleyway early Saturday.

Des Moines police say Jeffrey Cason, 30, was charged with two counts of assault with a weapon.

According to a police report, two off-duty officers were walking on Court Avenue about 2 a.m. Saturday when they heard loud voices coming from the parking lot behind Spaghetti Works restaurant.

The officers ran to the alleyway behind Dos Rios and reported finding a man lying on Cason, trying to restrain him. Police said another man was standing nearby pointing a pistol at Cason. Officers got the man to lower his weapon and several individuals fled the scene.

The man who was restraining Cason told police he was walking with his girlfriend and some of her friends in the alley when they got into an argument with three other girls. The man said he was attempting to calm the situation when Cason and another suspect came up.

The man told police Cason tried to incite the situation further then pulled a Glock-type pistol from under his shirt. The man told police he jumped on Cason and used a disarming technique he learned in the Army. He said the gun fell from Cason’s hand and was likely picked up by someone who fled the scene.

According to the police report, the man who was pointing the pistol at Cason told police he was taking his dog on a walk when he came across the fight. He told police he always wears his pistol since he has had issues in the past with homeless people around the area. The man told police he pointed his pistol at Cason after Cason pointed his gun at the victims.

The man told police he watched the other man jump on Cason and disarm him.

The police report says that based on the victims’ and witnesses’ statements and the inconsistency of Cason’s story, officers arrested Cason. He is currently in the Polk County Jail in lieu of a $20,000 cash bond.

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