Police: Man Pointed Gun at Wife, Threatened Her Kids

Posted by jhingarat21 on 28th Aug 2015

A Stone Street man is now in custody after officers learned he’d allegedly pointed a gun at his wife’s head this afternoon, and threatened to kill her or her kids, according to Sandusky police.

Officers responded to the couple’s home shortly before 2:30 p.m. today, after receiving a report of a domestic dispute at the address in which a gun was involved.

When police arrived, the suspect was still in the house.

“We started communicating with him — initially he didn’t want to come out, but we talked him out of the residence” Newell said.

Police ordered the man to put his hands up and searched him, but he was not armed at that point.

Officers took him into custody, then searched his home. There, they located a loaded firearm, Newell said.

The woman was shaken, but is not believed to have sustained any injuries, police said.

Investigators now plan to interview the suspect. He remains in the custody of Sandusky police, but has not yet been formally charged.

Once charged, the Register will publish his name.

Osborne School was put on lock down during the incident, due to a firearm being involved.


A man is in custody following an incident in the 1000 block of Stone Street in Sandusky on Wednesday afternoon.

Osborne School was put on lock down during the incident.

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