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Oversharing Crook Told Mom He Was Carrying A Gun During Arrest

Posted by jhingarat21 on 11th Oct 2015

A oversharing Brooklyn crook admitted to his mom during a jailhouse phone call that he was carrying a gun during an arrest, according to Brooklyn federal court papers.

Cops were on routine patrol near the Cypress Hills Houses in East New York when they saw a group of men drinking and dispersed them by turning on their lights, court papers state.

A short time later, officers spotted one of the men, Deavon Hooker, getting into a fight with another man nearby and yelling “remember my face, remember my face” before departing the scene.

Later that night, cops saw Hooker chugging from a bottle of Smirnoff nearby and stopped their car to approach him. After unsuccessfully trying to open the door to a private home, Hooker took off running and tossed the hooch aside, court papers state.

Cops said they then saw him chuck a gun into the street as he fled before he was subdued and handcuffed, according to court documents.

Officers recovered a loaded .40 caliber Glock at the scene with a defaced serial number.

Hooker called his mom from the 75 precinct and told her he was arrested with a gun, papers state.

And in an apparent reference to his combatant from earlier in the night, Hooker divulged that “I wasn’t going to let him take me from you guys,” the complaint states.

As a prior felon, Hooker faces federal gun charges.

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