7th Jan 2020

Source credit to | by Eric Jezierski

Night vision isn’t just for military members, civilians can benefit from this tech. (Photo: Eric Jezierski/

One of our most relied upon senses in the field is sight, but when the sun goes down, we often lose the upper hand. Animals once at our mercy during the daylight hours, now boast a significant advantage due to enhanced senses of smell and hearing.

All is not lost though as there is a clear way to maintain the tactical and hunting edge even in the nighttime hours – of course, we mean night vision. When most people hear night vision, they immediately imagine operators creeping through compounds at night; but, night vision isn’t just for the military any longer. Every day civilians can now put these handy pieces of tech to use in their own lives.

To prove it, we’ve gathered a few reasons why night vision makes life easier.


Many predators have naturally enhanced senses that give them the ability to move undetected in the dark; so, to get the jump on these animals, you often have to stalk them in the night. Night vision equipped products make this possible by removing the cover of darkness from nuisance animals like coyotes and wild hogs.

Whether learning game movement patterns for upcoming hunts or just figuring out what might be lurking in your backyard, binoculars and monoculars offer plenty of spotting opportunities. Binos and monocular night vision devices are an excellent and affordable means to migrate into night vision.

View from night vision. (Photo: Eric Jezierski/

Easy to use, these devices are portable and therefore perfect for tracking animals in the wilderness. Entry-level products will clearly pick out wildlife during the night at distances up to 150-yards, while higher-end products can be effective as far as 500 to 600-yards.

Hunters who know they’ll be aiming predators under the veil of darkness, a night vision equipped riflescope proves valuable as you are one trigger pull away from downing your target. While low-end products will get the job done, higher-end items with laser range finders, such as from ATN, make shots even easier by automatically adjusting the position of the reticle to account for bullet drop. In short, if you have the dough spring for the top-end models.



If tactical is more your zone, night vision presents the opportunity to practice in dark conditions. Whether you’re military, law enforcement or just a Tactical Timmy, knowing how to operate at night is sure to give you an edge.

For tactical training missions, users can opt for a night vision scope on their favorite rifle or a night vision device worn on the body. Both of these options offer shooters yet another effective tool in the tactical kit.

Tactically minded folks can benefit from training with night vision. (Photo: Eric Jezierski/


Regardless of whether you are scouting, taking game, training or just interested in exploring nature at night, on-board or wireless recording systems provide the opportunity to capture what you see. Companies like Pulsar and ATN both make products with integrated recording capability.

Record your low light moments with night vision tech that also include recording capabilities. (Photo: Eric Jezierski/

Recording your shots or your training missions allows gun owners to share special moments with friends and family, relive that crucial shot over and over or work on training areas that need improvement. A little pricier than your standard night vision models, these are well worth the cash if you prefer to keep mementos of hunts or training sessions past.



(Photo: Eric Jezierski/

Night vision devices have never been more accessible to the civilian market. Changing laws and hunting methods, as well more affordable pricing is removing the barrier to entry.

Improvements in technology are also making today’s night vision devices exponentially more useful than those that previously were only available to military personnel. Adding a night vision device to your current set-up will make you more effective in the field and give you a whole new way to experience the night.