26th May 2022

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Waltherhas a new rimfire handgun but is doing it differently these days, introducing the MRD-cut Walther Magnum Pistol in .22 Winchester Magnum on Wednesday.

While it may look like the old P22, the new WMP comes ready with two flush-fit 15-round magazines and two optics adaptor plates included. Using an aluminum slide with lightening cuts over a polymer frame, the WMP runs a 4.5-inch barrel, which gives it an overall length of 8.2 inches. Weight is 27.8 ounces. This puts it larger than the .22 LR Sig P322, Glock 44, and Taurus TX22. But of note, its only semi-auto .22 Mag competitors are the Kel-Tec PMR30 and Rock Island XT22, which are closer in size.

Walther Magnum Pistol WMP 22 WMR
The new Walther WMP. The guns shown in images and video released this week are all German-made with Walther's Fort Smith, Arkansas, roll mark on the grip frame. (Photo: Walther)
Walther Magnum Pistol WMP 22 WMR
The Walther WMP ships with two 15-round magazines or two 10-rounders for those in restricted states. (Photo: Walther)

One unique feature on the WMP is what Walther bills as the Quad Release mechanism. Described as "the most versatile ambidextrous mag release ever created," it blends both paddle and button releases on both sides of the frame. Other features include an ambi slide stop, a fiber-optic front sight, forward slide serrations, a frame-mounted accessory rail, and three safeties.

Walther paints the new pistol as ideal for the outdoors, rather than being a range queen, and shows it tagging along on suburban early morning jogs and week-long elk hunts in its launch video.

"This isn’t just another target practice plinker, Walther has developed a high quality, lightweight, easy-to-shoot, and affordable pistol for shooters who want to stay ready as part of their active outdoor lifestyle," says the company.

The MSRP on the new Walther WMP is $549. This puts it on par if not a skosh more than the PMR30 and XT22.