11th Mar 2022

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By: Chris Eger
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Promising a more full-size performance out of its micro 9 series platform, Springfield Armory announced the new Hellcat Pro on Friday.

Using flush-fitting 15-round magazines rather than the standard Hellcat's 11+1, the Hellcat Pro brings a 3.7-inch hammer-forged barrel to the carry game in what Springfield says is a smaller footprint than any other gun in its class. For those keeping count at home, the Hellcat Pro runs 6.6 inches in overall length and 1 inch in width, which puts it in the same box as the nominally 10+1 capacity Glock 43X. At a height of 4.8 inches, the Hellcat Pro is a tad shorter than the G43X when the Austrian polymer pistol has its standard mag inserted.

The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro
Developed with the use of red-dot optics in mind, the Hellcat Pro features an Optical Sight Pistol, or OSP, configuration milled with the Springfield Micro footprint with a set of co-witnessing U-Dot tritium sights. (Photo: Springfield Armory)
The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro
Other features include a Picatinny rail on the dust cover that is longer than the standard Hellcat, allowing a wider range of accessories. The difference in overall length between the standard Hellcat and the longer Hellcat Pro is about half an inch. (Photo: Springfield Armory)
The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro
The weight of the unloaded Hellcat Pro is 21 ounces, about three ounces more than the standard Hellcat model. However, it allows a 15+1 round flush-fit magazine capacity. (Photo: Springfield Armory)

"The Hellcat Pro delivers full-size performance in a concealable, EDC-ready package with unmatched ergonomics," says Steve Kramer, Springfield Armory’s VP of marketing. "This is a pistol that shoots like a much larger handgun while still being extremely easy to conceal, offering you the best of both worlds."

The Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro ships with two 15-round magazines and has an MSRP of $634.

For a look at how it handles, Personal Defense World and Brandon Texas Plinking have early videos out on the newest addition to the Hellcat lineup.