12th Aug 2022

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Nevada-based GForce Arms announced this week it plans to make a move into the domestic handgun market with an American-made 9mm based on the Baby Glock but with an RMR footprint slide cut.

If you haven't heard of GForce, which is certainly possible as they just popped up last March, the company has primarily been marketing imported shotguns with clever names such as the Pumpernickel (because it's a pump-action with a nickel finish) and the Filthy Pheasant (a sub-$500 over/under). Well, the new gun is a pistol, a striker-fired polymer-framed 9mm to be more specific, called the GF9 Equalizer.

Oddly, GForce has released a lot of specific information about the Equalizer such as the fact it is optics-ready, has four interchangeable backstraps for the frame, a 3.25-inch precision barrel, front and rear fiber optic sights, a swappable mag release, flat-faced trigger, and front and rear slide serrations-- but no clear images of the gun, availability date, or even the asking price, so don't get mad at us.

Read the fine print about the magazine...

For the "I love everything about Glocks but Glocks themselves" crowd, GForce says the Equalizer has a slide and frame based on the Gen 3 Glock 26 and will accept "compatible aftermarket parts" except for-- and here is the oof moment-- Glock magazines. Instead, it will use a 12-shot flush fit mag that is proprietary. That fact, and the fact that it seems to say "EQUALIZER" across half of the slide, could be a deal breaker for some even if it runs in the $399 zone which is what it would have to come in at to be competitive.

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