Mugger-Thugs Get Shot After Targeting Concealed Carrier In Detroit

Posted by jhingarat21 on 27th Oct 2015

Here we go again: another concealed carrier in Detroit has done his part to make the Motor City a Thug-Free Zone:

Another robbery victim fights back after he’s targeted at a Detroit bus stop. The 23-year-old had officially become a Concealed Pistol License holder a couple of weeks ago and after what happened Sunday night – it was just in time.

Tremain, who doesn’t want to be identified because his family fears retaliation, says his brother had just finished work and was waiting for the bus at Schaefer and West Outer Drive on the west side when three teens confronted him.

One pulled out a gun and demanded his money

One of the suspects reached into the victim’s pocket and  stole $220. The trio became excited about the money they just nabbed and became distracted – at that moment the CPL holder pulled out his gun and fired.

He hit the 16-year-old in the chest and the 17-year-old in the leg. The 19-year-old took off running.

“We are glad that he didn’t lose his life and he protected himself,” said Tremaine. “He was in fear of his life he didn’t know what to do he didn’t know this was going to happen to him.”

The two injured teens went to a nearby hospital, where they initially claimed that they were held up before one of them confessed.

The idiots have also apparently been linked to other crimes via their Facebook pages.

Tremaine, himself a concealed carrier, sounded very representative of the proud “can do” spirit of lawful concealed carriers that have become some of the fiercest defenders of Second Amendment rights in America in one of the nation’s Democrat strongholds.

“I believe you should have the right to protect yourself from any danger,” he said, “We should be able to walk and go where we want freely and not be in fear of our life that that’s why I believe your CPL is protecting you from any danger you may come across.”

Tremaine and the many other Detroit concealed carriers we’ve profiled here at Bearing Arms are part of the the fast-growing minority gun ownership markets that polls and surveys continually and inexplicably fail to see, and which may doom the Democrat Party in 2016.

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