Mossberg Releases JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger for AR-15, AR-10

Posted by Jacki Billings on 17th Jul 2018

Mossberg sweetens the deal for precision consumers, announcing the release of an all-new drop-in precision trigger with the JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger.


Compatible with AR-15 and AR-10 rifles, the JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger was created with famed competition shooter Jerry Miculek and engineered to act as a standard rifle upgrade.

“Working with world-renowned, 3-Gun shooter, Jerry Miculek, Mossberg engineered the new JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger as a standard rifle upgrade for competition and recreational shooters and hunters where trigger control and great shot placement are keys to success,” Mossberg said in a press release.

Created to give shooters consistent accuracy through a crisp, creep-free break, the precision-machined JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger works with all standard mil-spec AR-15 and AR-10 lowers with .154-inch trigger and hammer pin holes. The trigger itself is user adjustable with adjustments ranging from 3 to 6-pounds. Additionally, the trigger touts user-adjustable overtravel for even further customization.

The JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger is currently available with a retail price of $161.