23rd Jul 2021

Source Credit to | CHRIS EGER

With a historic veto override session set to begin in Baton Rouge on Tuesday, Louisiana lawmakers have a chance to review a scuttled permitless carry bill.

The legislation, SB 118, was vetoed last month by Louisiana's Gov. Jon Bell Edwards, a Democrat, despite passing the state House 72-28 and the Senate 27-9 vote. Now, a two-thirds majority could resurrect the proposal and make constitutional carry the law of the land without the governor's signature. The measure is listed, along with almost 30 others shot down by Edwards, on the upcoming override session.

Republican House Speaker Clay Schexnayder, while not elaborating into the likelihood of ultimate passage, said SB 118 and SB 156 – a bill barring transgender women from playing on women’s sports teams – are a priority.

“Of course, the two biggest in the room are the Women’s Protection Act and the Constitutional Carry,” Schexnayder told reporters Monday.

While backed by a broad range of pro-gun groups including the Firearms Policy Coalition, Gun Owners of America, and the NRA, some past legislative supporters of SB 118 are reportedly waffling now that the first override session in generations has been greenlighted and may switch their earlier vote.

Other lawmakers see the bill as red meat, with Rep. Blake Miguez, a USPSA grandmaster and former "Top Shot" competitor, earlier this month shredding his ballot to cancel the override session at the shooting range.While both the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association and the Louisiana State Police took no position on SB 118 during the regular session, a smaller group of police chiefs and sheriffs, reportedly organized by Edwards' allies, met with reporters last week to blast the measure.

The five-day veto override session is set to adjourn no later than Saturday, and Schexnayder feels it will wrap up before then.