“Ladies Only” Enhanced Conceal Carry Training Course

Posted by jhingarat21 on 29th Oct 2015

MONROE COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Let’s hear it for the ladies. A group of women now have the proper training and skills to enhanced conceal carry.

Saturday, Champion Tactical held a “ladies only” training course.

It all starts in the classroom.

This group of ladies are completing an intense 8-hour training course.

“This is an enhanced concealed carry class, mandated by the state of Mississippi. We do about an hour and a half on the classroom part where we discuss the in’s and out’s of conceal carry, the laws and and regulations in regards to conceal carry. Then we basically do a NRA, National Rifle Association, basic pistol class,” said Tim Coker, Co-Owner of Champion Tactical.
Tim Coker is the co-owner of Champion Tactical, a firearms training company.

He says it’s important for women to know how to defend themselves.

“All the things going on this day in age, you need to be able to protect yourself. Just owning a gun is not enough anymore. We need to be skilled in how to use effectively without endangering innocent bystanders,” said Coker.
After some intense training in the classroom, the ladies are now ready to come out to the gun range to put their skills to the ultimate test.

For those in the class, it’s all about learning and feeling protected wherever they go next.

“A lot of women are scared to walk outside their homes at this day in time. I think its real important for women to be able to protect themselves and this is one way they can do that,” said participant, Lisa Mason.

“And being single and living in today’s world, I think we need to at least be informed and we need to have skills that may not have been essential years ago,” said participant, Lisa Nutt.

Coker says Champion Tactile offers classes nearly every weekend.

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