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Kid Finds Officer’s Gun in a Restaurant Bathroom

Posted by jhingarat21 on 15th Oct 2015

“Aha! That’s where I put it.”

Justifiably, there have been heaps of fury directed at restaurants that, for some reason, have started booting police officers for carrying their service weapons, but here’s an equally crazy story about an officer who created havoc by not carrying hers: Two North Carolina parents say that their 5-year-old took what was supposed to be an uneventful restroom break at a Mexican restaurant in the Charlotte suburbs only to hustle back all panicky.

They followed her into the stall and discovered a handgun was conspicuously stashed on top of the trash can. It ended up being a firearm that belonged to a North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation officer who’d just eaten there.

Naturally the staff called police, but the agent, apparently realizing her hip holster felt a tad lighter, had already come back to get the gun by the time they arrived. A spokesperson for the state agency says they’re investigating the matter to see what the appropriate course of action is, and, in perhaps the strangest police-speak possible, also praised the little human who found the gun as being “clearly trained well.”

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