Hickok45 explores one-handed pistol manipulation (VIDEO)

10th Sep 2018

Credit Source:, by Joey Clementine

As he’s temporarily limited to shooting with one hand, Hickok45 thought it was the right time to cover the basics of one-handed pistol manipulation.

“I just wanted to show you a few things, some tips I’ve picked up, and some things that are pretty much universally known, I think, because it could be you tomorrow — you could be stupid enough to fall on the basement stairs like I did,” Hickok45 said.

As a righty with a broken fifth metacarpal on his left hand, it goes without saying that he’s unable to use his passive hand for things like inserting a magazine or racking the slide.

For loading, he suggest either keeping the pistol holstered and inserting a magazine or wedging the gun between your knees and then inserting the mag.

For racking the slide, you may have a couple of options. First, you could use the slide release (if it’s locked back, that is). Or, you could rack the slide by catching the rear sight against your belt or shoe.

Other tips include wearing fanny pack or a shooting vest. So, for the next five to six weeks expect more shooting one handed videos until Hickok45 gets his cast off.