First Look: Versacarry Decree Holster

24th Oct 2018

Credit Source: Shooting Illustrated, by SI Staff

First Look: Versacarry Decree Holster

Building on its line of leather holsters, Versacarry announced the launch of its highest-grade holster yet: the Decree Series. Using hand-selected Water Buffalo hide, each holster in the new lineup features unique elements designed to add extra reinforcement and durability to the carry rig.

An outside-the-waistband design, the Versacarry Decree holster is constructed with a double layer of buffalo hide along the upper backing of the holster, providing added comfort for the wearer while protecting a holstered pistol from sweat and body oils. Around each belt loop, an extra layer of leather is added, providing a thick, rigid, triple-layered stack of hide that keeps the gun-and-holster combo securely anchored to the belt.

One of the more-unique elements found in the Decree Series is the inclusion of an added inlay made from either carbon fiber or aluminum alloy. This extra reinforcement layer is located on the front pouch of the rig, creating a non-collapsing pocket for a daily carry gun. This design ensures that users can easily reholster their firearm after use. The inlay is covered by leather, so it doesn't ever make contact with a holstered gun, avoiding potential marring or damage.

Versacarry Decree holsters can be had in either left- or right-hand configurations and are sized especially for use with the company's Double-Ply leather belt. Consumers can choose from all-brown finishes or an option with a black-leather overlay on the outside of the holster pocket. More than 150 different guns are listed in the company's holster-fit sizing guide. Each of the guns are divided into one of three holster sizes, and guns of similar sizes and profiles will fit in the same holster pocket.

The suggested retail price on the Versacarry Decree holster starts at $89.99 for the carbon-fiber inlay and $99.99 for the aluminum-alloy option. A higher-end option with a carved scroll inlay is also available, retailing for $109.99.