Dozens of Pistols, Revolvers and Assault Rifles Stolen from Plano Gun Store Early Wednesday

Posted by jhingarat21 on 14th Sep 2015

Mister Guns (Google Maps)

Dozens of weapons, including pistols and assault rifles, were stolen Wednesday morning after unknown suspects rammed a truck into the front of Mister Guns in Plano.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives isn’t prepared to say how many guns were stolen from the strip-mall gun store near Vines High School on W. 15th Street. Bureau spokesman Russ Morrison says they’re still “in the process of doing inventory to determine what exactly’s missing.” But a Plano police report shows that around 30 pistols were stolen (9mm and .380), along with 40 revolvers, one Smith and Wesson AR-15, a LAR-47 rifle, a TAVOR assault rifle and seven or eight AK-47s.

Plano police say the burglary occurred at 3:42 a.m., and the suspect or suspects used a stolen truck. But the ATF’s heading the investigation, since it involves a federal firearms licensee. The ATF and Plano police are still processing the crime scene, analyzing surveillance video and collecting evidence. But “our guys hit the ground running,” says the ATF’s local spokesman.

Morrison says a burglary like this one is “rare.” After all, he says, “You’ve got over 7,400 federal firearms licensees in the state of Texas, and you know how many burglaries occurred involving those last year? Thirty-six. So it is a rare occurrence. Does it happen? Sure. But it’s against federal law to burglarize a federal firearms licenees, which means the ATF gets involved, and it’s our job to find out who’s responsible, bring them to justice and recover these guns.”

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