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Discussing a legal case that upholds the right to open carry a gun in public (VIDEO)

15th Aug 2018

A pro-gun victory in what is regarded as one of the most liberal courts in the country could have wider ramifications for carry rights nationwide.

At stake in the case of George Young in his lawsuit against a number of officials in Hawaii, which was decided by a 2-1 panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit last month, is how open carry is regulated in line with the Second Amendment. In the 

above interview with gun rights attorney Stephen Stamboulieh, a co-counsel for Young, Stamboulieh fills in John Lovell with the Warrior Poets Society on the status of the case and what it could mean.

Stay tuned past the 13-minute mark where Stamboulieh switches gears to talk about his work in taking on federal regulators over the stagnant background check appeal process and challenges to stun gun bans and the NFA itself.

Article written By Chris Eger for