Concealed Carry & Handgun Essentials For Personal Protection

Posted by jhingarat21 on 28th Aug 2015

USA – -( “Concealed Carry & Handgun Essentials For Personal Protection” ( ) is a comprehensive book and is a must read for new or experienced shooters.

Concealed Carry & Handgun Essentials For Personal Protection presents both basic and advanced topics and issues to help you properly protect yourself in deadly-force situations and self-defense encounters.

This practical guide offers many tips, techniques, and detailed handgun information to prepare you for safely handling and using your handgun and for proper concealed carry.

Based upon his military Special Ops and NRA Instructor experiences, Col Ben’s reference book thoroughly covers the 8 Fundamentals of Shooting, 12 Key Guidelines for Concealed Carry, Overcoming 7 Common Shooter Mistakes, 13 Methods of Concealed Carry, Legal issues and guidelines, Proper Draw from Carry and Proper Racking the Slide.

He also presents useful information that might just save your life, like Handling Attacks by Dangerous Dogs, Deciding if you should fire Warning Shots and Brandishing, Traveling Safely & Legally with Handguns & Ammo, and Lead Risks and Safety concerns.

His Criteria for Selecting your Handgun, Holster, and Gun Belt and his detailed steps for cleaning your handgun with key lubrication points are very helpful. Col Ben gives his Top 21 Concealed Carry Guns with comparisons and his current rankings, along with suggested Practice Drills.

About the Author

Col Benjamin Findley

“Col Ben” Findley is an NRA-Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, and FL Concealed Carry License 


He is retired with 30 years service in the U.S. Air Force, with joint services weapons training, Special Ops duty at various bases, and is Air Force qualified as “Expert” in small arms.

Col Ben is a veteran of the Vietnam War and Persian Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Desert Shield, Operation Restore Hope in Somolia, and the Bosnia War. He served with HQ, U.S. Special Operations Command at MacDill AFB, FL and co-wrote the Persian Gulf PSYOP Study for Desert Storm. He also served as Psychological Operations Staff Officer for the planning “think tank” at the Special Operations Command, Atlantic at Ft Bragg, NC. Ben has appeared on the History Channel’s “Secrets of War” episode 51, Psychological Warfare, and co-authored the Air Force book “Psychological Operations.”

He was awarded the U.S. Air Force Academy’s Tallman Outstanding Leadership/Service Award, in addition to the PSYOPS Outstanding Instructor Award for the U.S. Air Force Special Ops School at Hurlburt Field, FL. “Col Ben” has been teaching at the college level and in the military for over 40 years and has many years of firearms, weapons systems, and shooting experiences. His doctorate is in business/teaching. Ben enjoys recreational shooting for fun and shoots competitively with the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA).

“I wholeheartedly endorse Ben’s excellent and practical concealed carry book.”- Marshall Jones, Founder, Concealed Carry Association of North Carolina.

“This book is a sound approach to learning the principles and many considerations of becoming a concealed carrier and I commend this fine book to you for your enjoyment and practical applications.”- Luke McCoy, Founder,

“Col Ben’s self-defense book is one that truly responsible gun owners must read from cover to cover and have available to refer back to. Without hesitation, I recommend this outstanding concealed carry and handgun essentials book.”- Michale Roberts, Past President/Director, ERML Sportsmen’s Foundation, Inc. and Past President of Escambia River Gun Club, Florida; NRA Instructor

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