Bulletproof Everyone Jackets

8th Oct 2018

Bulletproof Everyone

You might not have heard of Bulletproof Everyone yet, but you should have heard of AFA, LLC. They are the producers of the world’s 1st automated speedloader that we discussed in September 2017. Bulletproof Everyone is another project of AFA, LLC’s that is seeking to make bulletproof jackets that are affordable for everyone. So far they are succeeding in that endeavor.

Back in December 2017 they had started an IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign that had shattered expectations. The last time we checked they were at $88,000 when their original goal was a very modest $25,000. Their bulletproof jackets have since then been finalized and thoroughly tested. If you are wondering how much confidence they have in their product, look no further than the video below. Dallas Jolley, CEO of Bulletproof Everyone and AFA LLC, unholsters his own pistol to shoot himself and continues to sell the product immediately afterwards!

Shooting yourself at point blank range when you are the head of the company is extreme confidence in your product, crazy at best, or a thorough mixture of both! The feat is impressive and according to social media anecdotal evidence the severe bruising and pain was gone in a few days. The jacket served its purpose.

Currently Bulletproof Everyone offers jackets in Men, Women, Child, and Teen sizing. They also offer a men’s polo and replacement panels for the jackets. The pricing ranges from $279 – $429 depending on what you are looking at purchasing. If you are desiring to do a bulk order for law enforcement or any other reasons, they can do personalizing of clothing as well. To get that pricing, turn-around time, and options it is best to reach out to Bulletproof Everyone and speak with them directly.

So what do you, the readers, think of these new bulletproof jackets? The CEO is willing to shoot himself to prove how much he believes in his product so that is definitely something!

Article by Adam Scepaniak for the