Posted by jhingarat21 on 24th Aug 2015

On Wednesday Boston Mayor Marty Walsh (D) relaunched his city’s gun buyback program after it had taken in

The relaunch comes as gun crime soars in Boston just as is other Democrat-led cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, and St. Louis.only one gun for the entire year as of August 14.

According to the Boston Herald, the gun buyback program offers gift cards “valued from $100 to $200″ for each gun turned in. Over “400” guns were turned  in 2014 but just one had been handed over by August 14 of this year. Still, Boston Police spokesman James Kenneally said they are sticking with the program as long as there is funding to pay for it. He suggested that the guns taken in via the buyback program are the ones that really need to be taken off the streets. “Those are the tough guns,” he said.

The Boston Globe reports that Mayor Walsh relaunched the program on Wednesday. In so doing he appealed to criminals by saying, “Your piece for peace,” which is better than saying, ‘Your $600 gun for our $100 gift card.’

Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans agreed with the relaunch. He said, “If we get one gun off the street, this program’s effective.” And if that’s the measure, then chalk the program up as a success because that is exactly how many guns they’ve gotten this year–one.

In the meantime, Boston’s non-fatal shootings are up “43 percent” over last year.

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