Attorney General Rutledge Says Open Carry Is Legal

Posted by jhingarat21 on 2nd Sep 2015

LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) — Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge stated in a release that ‘open carry’ is legal.

“I believe Act 746 currently bears on the ability of Arkansans to legally possess handguns on their persons and in their vehicles,” she wrote in the release.

The act states someone is permitted to carry a handgun as long as there is no intent to use it against another person.

Rutledge stated four ‘caveats’ after giving her opinion on issue:

  • any person who carries a handgun should be aware that a law enforcement officer might lawfully inquire into that person’s purpose.
  • other statuses prohibit possession of a handgun in certain circumstances, regardless of whether a person has the intent to use a handgun unlawfully. Those statuses still have full force and effect.
  • a private property owner or occupant is still entitled to keep handguns (and other firearms) and persons with handguns (and other firearms) off his, her, or its property.
  • the laws requiring a license to carry a concealed handgun still have full force and effect.

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