Another tourist busted for bringing gun to 9/11 memorial

Posted by jhingarat21 on 3rd Aug 2015

Another tourist has been busted for bringing a gun to a Big Apple landmark, this time a Texas woman treating the 9/11 memorial like an Old West saloon.

Elizabeth Anne Enderli, 31, had no idea her Texas concealed-carry permit was null in New York when she asked Ground Zero security on Saturday where she could store her 9mm and .380 caliber pistols, cops said.

The blunder cost the Marine Corps veteran and mom of three a night in jail — and prompted her Lone Star state pals to scoff at New York’s un-Texas-like gun laws.

“This whole thing is, pardon my language, bulls–t,” friend Aimey Richardson told The Post at Manhattan Criminal Court.

The two had traveled from their homes in the Houston area to New York for Richardson’s birthday.

Enderli didn’t think twice when she popped the two pistols into her backpack before heading to the city Saturday — and followed procedures by keeping the guns in a lockbox on their flight to Philadelphia. From there, they rented a car and drove to New York.

Enderli is never without her trusty firearms, Richardson explained.

“Our husbands don’t give us a hug and a kiss, they pat us down to make sure we’re armed,” she said. “We’re not allowed to go out without them.”

In fact, she would have worn them on her body but she didn’t want to upset gun-squeamish New Yorkers, her friend said.

“She was afraid . . . it would freak them out,” according to Richardson.

Enderli, who did a tour in Kuwait in 2004, was looking forward to visiting Ground Zero. Her Facebook page is covered with patriotic images, including somber tributes to 9/11.

“We’re veterans. That’s why we were going to the museum,” Enderli said.

The Texan was arraigned on weapons-possession charges and released on her own recognizance on Sunday. She could face up to three years in prison, but others who have made the same mistake in the past have gotten off with fines.

Enderli’s husband, Craig Enderli, 32, was at a National Rifle Association gun show when he found out his wife was arrested.

There are few places — besides work — they go without one, he explained.

“It’s a big culture that we all very strongly believe that we have the right to carry,” he said.

He claimed his wife left Texas believing New York had a reciprocal agreement for concealed carry permits.

She learned the hard way that agreement is one-sided. New Yorkers with permits have been allowed to carry in Texas since 2006.

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