Amy Schumer to push for US gun control after Trainwreck shootings

Posted by jhingarat21 on 3rd Aug 2015

The comic and actor Amy Schumer will team up with US senator Charles Schumer to call for greater gun control in the wake of the fatal shootings of two women at a screening of her film Trainwreck last month.

Schumer will join the Democratic senator from New York, her cousin, as he unveils a three-part plan aimed at making it harder for violent criminals and mentally ill people to obtain firearms, according to the Associated Press. The proposed legislation would penalise states which fail to submit relevant records into a background check system while rewarding those who comply. The senator will also ask congress to retain funding for mental health and drug abuse programs.

In her letter to Schumer, Sarah Clements referenced media speculation that Houser may have specifically targeted the ribald comedy, due to a hatred of women. “A showing of your film – an honest, unapologetic celebration of women’s rights to our bodies, decisions, and independence – was the place a middle-aged man who, ‘opposed to women having a say in anything,’ chose to commit a mass shooting,” she wrote. “I know deep down that the tweet you sent after the shooting was not all that you’ve got. And we need your voice in this movement. We need your help.”

Schumer responded to a tweet highlighting Clement’s letter, writing: “Her name was Mayci, not Marci and I think about her and Jillian everyday. Don’t worry I’m on it. You’ll see.”

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