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Allen West: U.S. Navy Chattanooga Shooting Survivor Timothy White To Be Arrested Over Gun Control Laws

Posted by jhingarat21 on 3rd Aug 2015

Survivors of the Chattanooga shooting recall in chilling detail how Muhammad Abdulazeez attacked them at military recruitment centers in the area. A U.S. Navy Officer named Timothy White is one of these survivors, and he recalls using his personal gun in order to protect himself. Unfortunately, current policy does not allow military members to carry guns at these locations for self defense, and Allen West is claiming the U.S. Navy plans on charging White based upon gun control laws and regulations.

 In a related report by the Inquisitr, Chattanooga shooter Mohammed Abdulazeez revealed his thoughts about the ISIS terrorist group. The family of Abdulazeez has also tried to explain why the mass shooting happened.

When the Chattanooga shooter attacked the U.S. Naval and Marine Reserve Center on July 16 with a handgun and an assault rifle, U.S. Navy officer Timothy White returned fire using his personal weapon. Another U.S. Marine may have been carrying a Glock and also returned fire on the shooter. But it turns out that defending against the mass shooter may have been illegal based upon gun control laws.

According to the Times Free Press, current Department of Defense regulations limits the usage or carrying of firearms to police officers or military police members. Photos of the Chattanooga shooting also showed the gun free zone signs at the military recruitment centers, which declared, “Firearms are prohibited in this facility.”

The U.S. Navy officer’s wife, Franicia White, said she supports her husband’s decision to use a gun in self defense.

“He values human life enough to protect his sailors and others,” she said. “I am honored to be his wife and stand by him 100 percent.”

Michael Seewald, a friend of White’s, signed a petition asking President Obama to honor any servicemen who used their personal weapons during the Chattanooga shooting.

“What he did there was a very brave thing,” said Seewald. “It would be so easy for somebody to just try to get away and escape, but he tried to defend the people there. I’m not sure that was in the protocol for what they were supposed to be doing, but I think he felt he had a responsibility to protect his people.”

Due to the Chattanooga shooting, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the Pentagon is considering allowing military personnel like Timothy White to use guns to protect themselves. According to the Wall Street Journal, Carter believes military leaders and politicians should “consider any additional protection measures, including changes to policy and procedures that protect our force against the evolving threat.”

This change in policy may be too late for U.S. Navy officer Timothy White. Allen Westreports that “Lt. Cmdr. White could face disciplinary action for violating policy about possessing a weapon on the facility that was supposedly a gun-free zone.”

“Ladies and gents, resulting from the text message I received yesterday, I can confirm that the United States Navy is bringing charges against Lt. Cmdr Timothy White for illegally discharging a firearm on federal property.”

West says this information has him “dog fighting mad and seriously pissed off.”

“Can you imagine the message this sends to ISIS and all the enemies of America?” Allen West asked. “We are going to end his career and court-martial a man who drew his sidearm to protect his command, and the assigned Sailors and Marines. What is the difference between Lt. Cmdr White and the reserve officer in Moore, Oklahoma who went to his vehicle and armed himself to prevent a second woman from being beheaded? Is it that we expect less from our uniformed warriors? Are they just supposed to sit and be butchered, gunned down, until local law enforcement come along?”

If the U.S. Navy does charge White for using a gun during the Chattanooga shooting, Allen West says he’ll demand that charges be dropped. If authorities have White arrested, West says he will “personally lead the charge to have Carter and [Secretary of the Navy Ray] Mabus removed from their positions.”

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