​ First Look: Versacarry Compound Series Holsters

10th Jan 2019

Credit Source: Shooting Illustrated, by SI Staff

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First Look: Versacarry Compound Series Holsters

Though much of the concealed-carry market is split between all-leather or all-Kydex designs, there are some companies experimenting with hybrid-style holsters that blend both materials. In taking this route, these companies hope to bring the benefits of both components into a rig that's more comfortable, rigid and durable than similar designs made entirely of one material or the other. The latest in the hybrid vein comes from Versacarry in the form of its Compound Series of holsters.

Versacarry took a unique approach to the hybrid concept, blending the Kydex into the design of the holster so that it never makes contact with the firearm itself. Instead, the Kydex is "infused" into the leather. A single, rigid piece of Kydex is sandwiched between two layers of water-buffalo hide, which serves to both protect the firearm from accelerated finish wear from the rough Kydex while also providing for a more-comfortable concealed-carry experience. However, incorporating the Kydex into the design of the Versacarry makes it more rigid than an all-leather design while also keeping the mouth of the holster open for safe reholstering without having to remove it from your belt.

The rigidity of the Kydex interior also provides an expanded sight channel, ensuring that users won't ever snag their front sight during a draw stroke. The design also includes a sweat guard that protects the body-side of a firearm from being attacked by sweat and acids from a wearer's body. Other features of the Versacarry Compound Series of holsters include an adjustable tension screw located near the trigger-guard pocket, which allows users to fine-tune the amount of retention provided by the holster pocket. The Compound Series attaches to the belt with a single, metal belt clip, which can be easily mounted and removed without having to remove a gun belt from the waistband entirely. The top of the clip attaches to the body of the holster, though, so the Compound Series holster is not tuckable.

Each holster weighs in at just 6.4 ounces, and the design comes in three different frame sizes to fit a range of different guns. Consumers will also provide Versacarry with the barrel length of their gun to optimize the size of their particular holster, available for guns with barrel lengths ranging from 3 to 5 inches. The Versacarry Compound Series of holsters can be had in either left- or right-hand configurations, and black or distressed-brown finishes are available. The suggested retail price on the holster is $67.99.