20th Sep 2019

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A concealed carrier shows off her Glock 19 in an AIWB holster. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

With over 50 Glock models in the world, looking for the best options for concealed carry might seem overwhelming. When diving through the models, perspective Glock buyers should weigh each for its strengths and weaknesses and also consider the driving force behind the purchase – more rounds, easy concealability, etc?

Follow that up with a trip to a nearby range, rent a few models and check each model for fit—making sure the slide can clear the webbing of your hand. Fickle physics oftentimes means you’re giving up something with a smaller gun so it’s best to see if it’s worth it prior to throwing down cash.

In the meantime, we’ve gathered together a list of five Glocks you may want to consider when on the hunt for your next CCW.


The Glock 42


The Glock 42 is, without a doubt, the smallest gun in the entire lineup. A single-stack semi-auto chambered in .380 ACP, this petite shooter weighs in at around 16-ounces loaded with a slide that is 5.75-inches long. As a single-stack, it measures only 1-inch wide. If a Glock could be considered cute, this is the one. The G42 holds six rounds in the magazine plus one more in the chamber giving Glock fans a total of seven rounds. While some gun owners swear by 9mm and above, some performance tests hold the .380 ACP in the same theater as 9mm when it comes to effectiveness.

One of the best benefits of this weapon is its size. The layout of the weapon’s controls is such that a wide array of hand sizes can easily manipulate them. It can also stow in a pocket, tuck into a jacket or easily conceal in an inside-the-waistband holster. Due to the small grip size, you can expect strong recoil, but it is manageable.

The G42 retails for $480.


The Glock 26


Affectionately known as the “Baby Glock,” the G26 is a small, double-stack 9mm. The size is comparable to the G42 though it is wider, measuring 1.26-inches and slightly taller at 4.17-inches. The slide also features a little more length at 6.26-inches. Despite measuring slightly larger than the G42, this is still one of Glock’s smaller pistols. The included magazines give the G26 a 10+1 capacity with a weight at almost 16-ounces when loaded.

The G26 is a great little shooter, recently upgraded into the Glock Gen 5 family. Long favored by law enforcement as a backup gun, the G26’s main attraction — besides being diminutive – comes down to its ability to run double-stack Glock magazines. Gun owners can stick a 17-round magazine from the G17 in this weapon and run it dry—even the amazing 33-round magazines will operate in this pistol at the risk of looking ridiculous.

One tradeoff of the concealability of this Glock is the grip feels short. It’s worth noting, larger hands will only be able to wrap a couple of fingers around the grip; therefore, if you sport meatier hands, you may be trading comfort for concealability. The G26 offers a starting price of $599.

G43X AND G48

The Glock 43x


Shortly after the Gen 5 Glock release, the Austrian gun maker delivered new and updated slimline models by way of the G43X and G48. Chambered in 9mm, both the G43X and G48 sport a greater capacity of 10+1. Both models sit at just over 1-inch wide; however, the G43X’s slide is 6.06-inches while the G48 enjoys a slightly longer sight radius of 6.85-inches. Though still a fantastic option, the original G43 benefits from that Gen 5 upgrade through more rounds and improved features.

The G43X and G48 represent the finest evolutions of Glock with compact, thin, lightweight builds – 23-ounces and 25-ounces loaded respectively—that are easy to manipulate and fire. Even better, they are accurate and can be worn with various kinds of holsters.

The G43X and G48 retail for $580.


Glock 19

The largest entry to the list, the G19 can still be concealed with proper clothing and the right holster. The G19 features a double-stack 9mm design with an impressive 15+1 capacity. The slide measures 6.85-inches long and the loaded weight rings in at a little over 30-ounces. No doubt this is about the biggest gun you’d want to conceal without a jacket or other cover garment.
What you get for that size, though, is an impressive capacity paired with a great sight-radius. In addition, the G19 recently underwent an upgrade with the Gen 5 treatment, including adjustable backstraps. While this pistol is a giant compared to the G42, it is a workhorse with a long-proven history and a dedicated fanbase of concealed carriers backing it.

The G19 offers an MSRP of $599.


When you shrink a gun to suit the concealed market, there are compromises that must be made. The difference between firing a full-size G17 in 9mm and a G43X is noticeable to the hand. Physics dictate more recoil, though it is manageable with a good grip. For this reason, a 9mm for concealed carry is advisable; though Glock offers subcompacts in many chamberings all the way up to the G29 in 10mm.

The various 9mm models Glock offers are outstanding options for concealed carry with a small, light, accurate and, above all, reliable construction.