Versacarry® FAQ

Versacarry® Zerobulk Holster®

    1. Should my Versacarry® fit a little tight?

      There is a short "break-in" period and upon initial use, the Versacarry® will be tight fitting. The Versacarry® will loosen up and conform to your firearm over a 3-5 day period. During this time, you may see some shavings from the barrel retention rod. This is a completely normal process during the break in period. You can apply a small amount of gun oil to all sides of the Versacarry®’s retention rod, and also leave the Versacarry® in the firearm for 24-48 hours to expedite this process.

    2. Will the Versacarry® work for left handed users?

      Yes, the Versacarry® is completely ambidextrous. It can be configured for left or right handed carry directly out of the packaging.

    3. Can I change the orientation of the trigger guard?

      No, once the trigger guard is installed it should not be removed. The trigger guard has been designed to be permanently self-locking and does not require adhesive. You should choose one configuration, right- or left-handed.

    4. Can I use Versacarry® for outside the waistband carry?

      No, the Versacarry® is only intended for inside the waistband.

    5. Is this Versacarry® tuck-able?

      No, the Versacarry® is not designed to be tuck-able. We are currently developing a tuck-able version.

    6. Do I have to wear a belt?

      Yes, you should always wear a belt when using the Versacarry®.

    7. What size belt fits the Versacarry®?

      A standard 1.5" belt designed for concealed carry.

    8. Do I have to install the trigger guard to use the Versacarry®?

      Yes, you do have to install the trigger guard. Installing the trigger guard provides protection from unintentionally accessing the trigger as well as it provides a flush surface for easy and effective removal.

    9. Should I see shavings from the barrel retention rod?

      Yes, this is normal during the first 3-5 days of use.

    10. Can I re-holster my gun with the Versacarry® still in my pants?

      No, the Versacarry® must be completely removed and re-inserted onto your handgun. Then, as a whole unit, the handgun and Versacarry® can be inserted into your waistline.

    11. Will the Versacarry® come loose if the firearm is drawn in a forceful manner?

      No, the Versacarry® will remain secured to your waistline.

    12. Can a user carry with the Versacarry® cocked and locked?

      Like many in the firearm industry, we have adopted safety warnings that insure anyone who uses a firearm is safe. We cannot know the level of firearm or safety training a user may have, so for safety, we recommend not carrying a loaded firearm. Any user should always fully read their firearm's instruction manual and carry under the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    13. Will the Versacarry® work with accessories attached to my firearm?

      Yes, you can use the Versacarry® with any accessory combination, especially lasers.

    14. Do I need to glue or fasten anything when I receive my Versacarry®?

      No, the trigger guard is permanently self-locking and does not require adhesive.

    15. Will the Versacarry® harm my gun's barrel?

      No, the Versacarry® will not harm your firearm in any way.

    16. Will the Versacarry® harm my gun's finish?

      No, the Versacarry® will not harm your gun's finish. However, as with every holster and material on the market today some wear is unavoidable and normal. We have performed thousands of test draws and they still do not show any wear.

    17. Will sweat get on my gun?

      Yes, sweat may get on your gun. As with any inside the waistband concealed carry device, sweat is always going to come in contact with some part of the firearm. Proper gun care and maintenance is always recommended. With today's tough, rust resistant finishes it's not an issue. Oil your firearm every couple of days and you'll be fine.

    18. Will the barrel retention rod get stuck in my barrel if it's broken off?

      No, if somehow a user manages to break a barrel retention rod it will drop free from the barrel. The rod is sized .015 under the barrel's diameter.

    19. Why are the rods colored?

      The barrel retention rods are colored for quick caliber identification. Grey rods are for .380’s, yellow rods are for 9mm, red are for .40 cal, and blue is for .45’s.

    20. Is this product used in Law Enforcement?

      We have many users that are law enforcement officers. Some LEOs use the Versacarry® for off duty carry, and others use the Versacarry® in active undercover work. We also have active duty and retired military users.

    21. Is there a Versacarry® for revolvers?

      Yes, we currently carry multiple Versacarry® models specifically designed for 5-shot revolvers.

    22. Is the Versacarry® a holster?

      By definition the Versacarry® is not a holster. The patent pending Versacarry® is so unique, there is not a term to define it. It is a new and revolutionary concealed carry invention.

    23. Is the Versacarry® patented?

      Yes, the revolutionary Versacarry® is patented.

    24. What is the Versacarry® made of?

      The clip portion is made of a custom plastic resin designed for durability, strength, and heat resistance. This material doesn't sweat or breathe and requires no maintenance.

    25. What is the barrel retention rod made of?

      The barrel retention rod is made of Delrin, a very strong plastic that has a natural lubrication property. The barrel retention rod is cut to exactly fifteen thousandths of an inch below the barrel’s inner diameter. Due to the exacting manufacturing tolerances the barrel retention rods will never harm a gun’s barrel in anyway and ensure they will never become a barrel obstruction. During assembly the barrel retention rod is attached using a 1.25" coated steel fastener that securely fastens the clip portion to the barrel retention rod. This fastener travels the entire length of the rod to guarantee strength and integrity within the part.

    26. What is the screw made of?

      The screw is a coated steel fastener which securely fastens the clip portion to the barrel retention rod. This fastener self taps through the entire length of the barrel retention rod to guarantee strength and integrity within the part.

    27. Can I modify my Versacarry®?

      No, we do not recommend modifying or altering your Versacarry® in any way. This could result in compromising the performance of the Versacarry®.

    28. What is the proper way to insert the Versacarry® onto my firearm?

      When ready to insert the Versacarry® into the firearm make sure to grip the belt clip portion of the Versacarry® and not the bottom of the clip with the retention rod. Users should never place their hand or any other body parts in front of the firearms barrel.

    29. Are the 9mm and .380 ACP Versacarry® units interchangeable?

      No, although the diameter of these calibers are the same, the clip has a different design to accommodate for variations in frame size between the two.