Versacarrier® FAQ

Versacarrier® Magazine Carrier

    1. Will I lose any round capacity while using the Versacarrier®? 

      No, the Versacarrier® retains the original round capacity of the magazine.

    2. Is the Versacarrier® ambidextrous?

      Yes, the Versacarrier® will work for both left and right handed users.

    3. Can the Versacarrier® be worn outside the waistband?

      Yes, the Versacarrier® is designed to work for inside and outside the waistband carry. In order to use for outside the waistband carry the user must attach the Versacarrier® between the pants and the belt.

    4. Will 9mm single stack Versacarrier® work with my .380 single stack magazine?

      No, the 9mm and 380 Versacarriers® are not interchangeable.

    5. Will my single stack Versacarrier® work on my double stack mag or vice versa?

      No, the Versacarrier® should only be used for the magazine specified.