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Versacarry Reviews

Rob Z.

Just received my 1st Versacarry holster for my CZ75B! Dang this thing is sweet, I can't believe I waited so long to order! Thanks y'all.


John W. 

Today is a great day my ccw license came in the mail… Now I can sport my xd.40 with a Versacarry holster.


Austin S. 

Just received my Versacarry holster. Great product.


Lionnel F. 

I keep mines handy. I even turned my brother on to them.


Tyler H. 

Got my new carry rig in the mail today! Impressed to say the least, I was concerned that there would be a lack of retention and comfort but neither seems to be an issue. Great SIMPLE design. Tomorrow begins the test


BJ M. 

I have one for all my pistols.


Michael W. 

I took advantage of the discount this past weekend, i received my Versacarry today, great shipping, ya'll work fast lol, i'm diggin this thing so far, very comfortable, hides my 4.5" barrel M&P 45 very nicely. Thank you for the fast shipping.


Christopher D. 



Lloyd H.

New favorite way to carry


Carl H.

Love this holster except can't really call it a holster, i always have my belt to tight that makes it uncomfortable once i get it right well i can hardly tell its there. other than that its a real good gun holder versacarry is the bomb!


Jordan G. 

I have a versacarry for my S&W M&P .40c and I love it for concealed carry.


Ronald A. 

Love mine and the zero bulk. Have one for both my full size 9mm and my compact 45.


Mike M. 

GREAT Product.


Roberto F.

I gave one of my Versacarry holsters to my son and he loves it. This is the coolest invention, much better than sliced bread. Good Job.


Kendrick H. 

Just bought my versacarry in the pants holster today.... And I can tell I'm gonna love it!!!!!!


Roger M. 

Just got my Versacarry in, and I will never use another concealed carry holster again.. Thanks guys!!!


William R.

Just got my first shipment of your holsters in, sold 2 before I put them on the shelf! Took one home for myself too (yes, 5" 1911 and it feels great)


Kevin H.

My thanks to the customer service team. They were quick to get me a part that fell behind something that could not be moved, well easily moved. You guys rock and once the versaclip for .45 is ready, I am buying.. Thanks guys and gals...


Marcus H. 

I wouldn't get any other holster to conceal my weapon. Xds 45...xds 9....ruger lcp .380 with crimson trace laser.


Jason C. 

I love this holster.


Gary Z. 

Just bought one...Neat concept...My PF9 disappears...


Nick D. 

Love my versa carry holster for my xds 45. Best holster ive bought.


Jerrod H. 

Loving my Versacarry.


Tony J. 

Got mine today. Love it.


Kemp W. 

I just placed my Rudolph order! I bought my first Versacarry at a gun show in New Castle, Delaware three months ago. That was for my Springfield XDS 45. I now have one for my Ruger LCP, S&W 642 38 SPL and will now have one for my Glock 30 SF. I know that both the Glock and Springfield will take the same holster but I intend to keep one on the Versahub at all times. This is a great product and can't wait until you provide the Versacarrier for more calibers. Thanks! I love them,


Lyle H.

Best holster i have ever owned. Can't wait to get one for every caliber I have. Awesome product


Patrick S. 

Fits my p94 great!! Thanks Versacarry!!


Jim E. 

I have to admit I was skeptical about the Versacarry at first. My primary carry weapon is a 3.5" Kimber .45 1911 with crimson trace grips. I have over 50 different holsters I've used. I picked up a Versacarry over the weekend. I've never had a holster that was this comfortable, and secure that virtually eliminates gun print. If you have any doubt at all, get one. You will be treating yourself to the best holster I've ever had the pleasure of wearing.


Kevin M.

It came in the mail today. Who know a revolver could carry so comfortably and concealed. Best IWB holder Ever!


Shammie H. 

Loving in switch from galco I love the price able to do so much won't move out of position or fall keeps your firearm where u need it running bending jumping still doesn't move one of the best if not the best one on the market


Doug L. 

Just got mine. My Glock 23 fits perfect. Thank You Versacarry!!


Mike B.

Just receive my VERSACARRY XS. This is ABSOLUTELY THE MOST COMFORTABLE unit I have ever strapped to myself. THANK YOU, VERSACARRY!!!!


Chip M. 

I want to correct an error I made: I had a mixed-review last week of my Versacarry holster. Immediately the company contacted me and explained what it was that I was doing wrong...that's right I had screwed up.....well, I followed their advice and now this holster is perfect!


Jack H. 

Love my versacarry for my Kahr PM45.


Richard B. 

Like a glove fantastic


Justin A. 

You can't even tell there's a holster on the gun. I've been carrying this for three months and by far the most concealable holster for summer carry.


Andrew Z.

Love my Versacarry & the Versahub as well.. Simply Awesome..


Cynthia G.

Ladies, here's a great way to conceal when you don't carry your handbag. Simple, easy , discreet. Handgun model is under 25 bucks


Jim R.



Bob P. 

Just got my first holster , wow, really cool. I am wearing a tank top and you can barely notice it. I think I notice it because i know it is there. Gotta see if the wife notices when she gets home. LOVE IT. gonna go back and get the 2nd one for the other Sig. Thanks, Yep gonna gonna get the extra mag clips also.


Shayne J. 

In my opinion, the BEST carry system available! Ordered my Versahub this morning. Considering a versacarrier for the spare mag for the Hub!


Julian M. 

Love my Versacarry!


Drewlynn S. 

Fast shipping and great quality. will recommend to others. thanks! – drew


Kyle T. 

Just received my zero bulk holster, carried for maybe 45min or so and I must say, I am satisfied with my purchase. Thanks VersaCarry!


Charles S. 

Went From a "FOBUS" Holster to a "VERSACARRY" Thanks for the Awesome Gear!!


Kyle R. 

So far my input is they feel much sturdier than I thought and it feels very natural and almost like its not there. The mag carrier I love. I didn't understand how it worked but now I do and I love it.


TY R. 

I finally carry my Kimber Ultra-Carry .45 comfortable concealed. Leather and kydex are still too bulky in the waistband. Problem solved!


Ryan C. 

Love this new Versacarry!!!!!


Adam E.

Rockin my VersaCarry and lovin it!


Christopher F.

Just picked up my versacarry for my Glock 23 and it feels great!


Joe F. 

Been using my versa carry with my Kimber Ultra Carry and love it!! I always kept away from IWB because of the bulk factor so I only used OWB. But this Versa Carry is great! My GF even looked at my hip and said what are you carrying that in? Since only seeing the clip over my belt when I open carry in Pa on a regular basis. I just ordered one today for my Smith and Wesson 9mm Shield. Only problem with the Versa Carry is that I wish I would have invented it!!! Great resonably priced product. Joe


Jessica E.

Bought one to try... fell in love with how it felt so I bought 4 more. Can't be happier. Versacarry will be my first choice for holsters from now on. All others I tried felt like I had a ak in my pants and these are so comfortable you can't even tell it's on. A+ versacarry! If you are not sure about these I urge you to try them. You will not regret it!


Kirk P. 

Love my Versacarry! It, combined with my Glock 42, make a lethal combination. I've already recommended it to my friends who carry concealed. Good product


Matt S. 

Got mine with 9mm and mag holster last week and love it btw. My .380 has also held up well over the last year


Joseph S.

I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chris R. 

I luv my versacarry , can carry it in so many different ways. Thanks


Thomas K.

My new favorite holster!


Joe B. 

got the Versacarry for my Ruger lc9 and it has become my favorite concealed carry method. I am a round person and I can carry all day long with comfort. Totally recommend this neat little holster. it is also made here in TEXAS!!!!!!


Jon M. 

Best holster by far


Joe F. 

I love this product. I have never worn an IWB holster because of the "bulk" factor so I have always gone with a OWB. But this versacarry is great. I bought it in 45 cal for my Kimber Ultra Carry. I was suprised at how well it clips to my belt. Now I need to order one for my MP shield in 9mm. Just enough of the pistol and grips to show above my belt line. Thx, Joe


Tim G. 

Digging my rig. Stays put and comfortable playing football and baseball with the boy. Kylie D. Love my Versacarry!


Delonte D. 

Man im loving my versa carry holster. I used this holster while riding my atv through Hatfield McCoy Trails in WVA and forgot I even had it on. Despite hitting some very rocky, bumpy, muddy trails. Very nice system.


Roger D. 

I use this everyday. Love it so much I couldn't take the sticker off lol.


Tracie H. 

I Can Now Conceal At All Jobs Whether it's Nursing Scrubs Or Business Casual Without Worrying About My FireArm Showing.


Mike E. 

Just want to give you a shout out on a great product at a great price. I have been wearing the holster for about 3 weeks now and WOW it is very nice and comfortable truthfully I have to touch my side sometimes to remind me it is even there. I have tried numerous expensive holsters and there is no comparison to how simple and comfortable the Versacarry is. Just my feedback and opinion. Thanks,Mike


Jeff E. 

Very comfortable slimmest carry ever. Thank You!


Wayne G. 

You guys are awesome. This is the best concealed holster I've ever had.. Keep up the good work..


Jeff P. 

The versacarry is as close to natural as you can get awesome system guys!!


Nick S. 

Never leave the house without it. Love the zero bulk holster for when I'm at my restaurant.


Erik M. 

just got my versacarry in the mail. I love it. i'll be selling my other IWB holster.


Shawn F. 

Just picked one up from Academy this weekend for my Taurus pt111. Works perfectly for my CC weapon. Exactly what I've been looking for.


Ronnie B 

This holster rocks! The slim jim of them all/ Good job VersaCarry!


Jerry D.

Again, I haven't found a better holster, than Versacarry. It is with me everywhere I go.


Carl B. 

I introduced two people to The Versacarry holster last week in Chicago. I was ready and showed them a video on the holster and how easy it is to use. They were impressed. I own three and I wouldn't trade them for any other holster.


Bill F. 

I have bought a few of your products for your Semiautomatic applications. This is my first revolver purchase and I couldn't be happier! From the trigger guard to the closest concealment and durability... The comfort of carrying in S. Fla. is much appreciated. Great product!


Rod D. 

Picked one up for my XD 40. I was skeptical but man it is awsome . No bulk, good to go all day.thanks for a great holster .


Tom B. 

I picked up one of these to try with my Detective Special. I was skeptical of the little piece of plastic when I unwrapped it but I've become a believer. It holds my revolver securely with no "printing" at all. It's comfortable to wear all day, so much so that I forget it's there. You scored a Bullseye with this one!


Iver I. 

I have tried 3 different holsters now on a daily basis for several months and I have found that the Versacarry is more comfortable to wear, safer and very easy to draw from. Versacarry: no fitting needed, no shifting issues, no bulk, no problem. Great, inexpensive carry solution for any gun.


Mike D. 

Received my VersaCarry Holster about a week ago and have used it a bunch!! Really impressed with the holster and how it functions, Also very impressed with the Follow up phone call I received asking how I liked the holster, that's first class!! More companies need to take note of that. Well done VersaCarry!


Robert F.

The greatest invention, better than sliced bread.


Kenneth G. 

At 1st I thought it would be difficult to get used to, boy was I wrong! I started using it with my Glock 19, which worked quite well, but where it really worked even better was with my Bersa Thunder 380 CC. I've found that it works with any pair of pants or shorts, even without a belt style elastic waist band! I love it! Thanks!


Bernard A.

Why do I like the Versacarry holster?....Versatility. I can position my Glock 27 in several carry positions effortlessly. The added benefit is the weapon does not move, rock or lift. All this allows me to have confidence that my concealed weapon remains concealed without having to readjust. The worse thing is seeing someone with a concealed weapon constantly readjust, check or pat his weapon, might as well carry it in your hand because everyone knows you have a gun on you. Not with Versacarry. I am waiting for the Magazine carriers to be available


Savant S. 

You guys deliver an awesome product, but more importantly, your customer service is outstanding. You're always interacting with fans, replying to everyone's questions, and your return time for emails is impeccable. Old Faithful could learn a thing or two from you guys BTW - I can't wait to buy your mag holsters when they become available, and now I got my eyes on that versahub too


Augie M. 

Just got mine today for my Glock 30S and have been wearing it all day. So far, so good. Very comfortable and stable, it appears to be durable although time will tell. I think this system works especially great for large pistols since there's almost nothing to it. If it holds up well over time, I could see myself ordering more for other guns I have. Delivery was fast too. Overall, good job, Versacarry.


Allen B 

My girlfriend and myself love Versacarry. Works great on the full size Walther P99 to the sub compacts of the MP Shield and Bersa Thunder Combat.


Travis R. 

Thanks Versacarry!! Makes concealment very easy, without the bulkiness of other holsters


Sean M. 

After waiting for the local Academy Sports + Outdoors to stock one for a full size .45 (1911) I found one at a local gun store. This thing is awesome!!!!!!!


Kodey D. 

my dad loves his versacarry i got him for christmas......i bought him one to use as my guinea pig so i could see how he liked it......but he loves it! so im gonna have to get one myself now


Jeff L. 

I must say that the level of customer service presented by Versacarry is second to none. I sent an email about a product I own and the response time was amazing. A lot of companies just do not handle customers as they need to. I can say that Versacarry is a top notch company


John G. 

I love my new Versacarry for my Glock 30. Fastest, safest and smoothest draw out of any holster I've had, and I've been a cop/military guy for a while! Probably gonna buy one for my Rutger .380.


Raymond D. 

I tried it, I love it, so I ordered it!!!!


Jeff S.

Best holster I have ever used and my berreta nano fits perfect . Thank you for making a awesome product


Tremelle S. 

Wow, I love the weight and feel of this carrier. Well worth the money.


Robert D. 

Just got mine yesterday, cannot believe how simple and comfortable this is!! makes carrying a larger auto nice.


Mark B. 

I would like to thank the Versacarry team for effortless process for replacement of my VersaCarry 380. Holster. Which I broke, also very quick shipping. Thanks Again Guys


Chris A. 

Thanks for the outstanding product. I'll definitely recommended it to my friends!!!


Robert S. 

Have to be honest; was extremely skeptical at first. However, I just received it in the mail today, and it's high quality, great design and I already love the feel of it compared to the previous expensive holster. Great Job Versacarry! Glad to see it's made in the USA! Thank you for a great product, and I'll be sure to spread via word of mouth.


Versacarrier Reviews

Ferguson L. 

I just ordered the 9mm mag clip. STOKED!!!


Jason P. 

Just got my first order in for my FNS.40 lefty....what a great product. I am going to order for my XD Sub Compact 9mm.....Please make an OSW version of these....totally great concept....easy design change for a paddle version OSW.


Shaun M. 

Just ordered my Versacarry sat for my ruger Sr 1911 full size. Can't wait for it to show up.


Versahub Reviews

Adam H. 

Love my holster and my new bedside holster!


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