Decree Series Holster - Carbon Fiber - Left Handed (*Discontinued*)

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 The Decree Series - Carbon Fiber Holster is our nicest to date line of holsters that we make. Each is handcrafted in the USA using Premium Water Buffalo leather and is available in left or right-handed orientations. The Decree Series - Carbon Fiber Holster features include: 


A holster should protect not only the user from the sharp edges of the gun but also the weapon from sweat. Our raised leather backing acts as a comfortable shield that protects both user and gun.



Using a holster that does not fully cover the barrel could cause several complications. These include the front sight snagging, gun getting damaged, printing, and more. Because of these we now offer select holsters with full barrel length coverage.



Most leather holsters will require you to break in your holster before being able to use it. This is not only inconvenient but time-consuming as well. To avoid these, we have included a unique design that leaves the holster with a slight gap. By adding this gap, it speeds up the break-in time by about half.



Holsters with multiple layered backings serve numerous purposes which include extra comfort, more prolonged use, and better support for your handgun. It is vital that if you are going to carry that you not only have a holster that is comfortable but one that you can trust to contain your handgun securely.



Engineered with aluminum alloy or carbon fiber inlaid in-between leather layers to be not only non-collapsible but more rigid and somewhat moldable. This added layer will never come in contact with your gun. product-feature-image-decree-scroll-5.jpg


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