Double Ply Leather Belt - Compound Edition

Don't know which size to select? Use the How to Size page linked above or contact us by email at or call (979) 778-2000.


How to Select the Correct Belt Size:

Measuring is both an easy and necessary process, as it is critical that you never select your size based on the current pant you wear. The techniques listed will quickly allow you to find and select the correct size needed for your new Versacarry® belt.

Step #1: Find out what your waist size is:

This can be done by utilizing your current belt and measuring from where the buckle meets the belts material, to the hole that you comfortably wear the belt on. If you plan on using this belt for carrying a handgun inside the waistband, make sure that you measure to the hole that you use while carrying. If you do not currently have a belt this same process can be done using a string or cord. Simply wrap this around your waist comfortably, and mark where the ends meet. Using a measuring device, measure the string or cord from the end to the point that you marked. As with before, if you plan on carrying inside the waistband with this belt, take this measurement with the gun/holster on your body.

Step 2 - Order the Size Measured:
It is important to know our belts are constructed so that when you order a size, depending on the belt style, you will have two to three inches of adjustment in and out. Our belts are offered in 2-inch increments, so if you do not measure exactly to a belt size available, round to the nearest one. This could either be up or down. For example, if you measure 37 ½ inches, you will round to a size 38.

Another example would be if you measure 38 ½ inches, in which case you would still round to a size 38 as it is the nearest size.

If you still have questions on how to find the correct size, please contact us before purchasing. We’re available Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM CST at 979-778-2000 or contact us via email at

The Compound Series Double Ply Belt is 1.5" wide and has an embedded layer of polymer, making it sturdy and rigid, ideal for carrying a handgun. Each is handcrafted in the USA using Premium - Distressed Brown - Water Buffalo leather and is available in sizes from 30" to 44".  The Compound Series Double Ply Belt features include:  


A solid, sturdy belt is the foundation for carrying a gun. To ensure that you will have the stable platform that you need, we have incorporated an embedded layer of polymer between two pieces of Water Buffalo leather.



We believe in creating leather products that will last for years. That’s why any leather product we make uses Nylon thread.



Engineered to make using your belt easier, English Point Tips also add a beautiful, dressy design and feel.



(5) adjustment holes have been incorporated into this belt. Each hole is (1) inch apart from the next, allowing the user to make easy adjustments to their desired fit. From the end of the belt (buckle side) to the center hole marks the size of the belt. That means that the user has (2) inches of adjustment both in and out.



We use Nickel plated buckles because not only are they appealing to the eye but they are also non-corrosive and non-irritating to the skin.